Cookie Policy for Oriel Studios Digital Limited

Effective Date: January 2024

1. Introduction:  


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit websites. Widely used by platforms like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and more, cookies enhance your user experience by identifying your device. This policy outlines how Oriel Studios Digital Limited uses cookies to improve and personalize your interaction with our website.



2. Types of Cookies Used


We utilize cookies for various purposes, including:

    • Retaining shopping basket contents
    • Remembering recently viewed items
    • Tracking order process status
    • Ensuring secure user sessions
    • Analysing customer interactions via Google Analytics

3. How Cookies Improve Your Experience:


Cookies play a crucial role in:

    • Keeping track of your shopping basket contents
    • Remembering recently viewed items
    • Tracking your progress in the order process
    • Securing your logged-in session

4. Google Analytics:


We employ cookies to understand how users navigate our website, allowing us to enhance the overall user experience continually.



5. Disabling Cookies:


You have the option to disable cookies already stored on your computer. However, note that this may impact the functionality of our website. Refer to your browser settings for guidance on cookie management.



6. Essential Cookies:


Our website employs cookies for essential functions, including:

    • Remembering shopping basket items
    • Recalling recently viewed items
    • Tracking order progress
    • Ensuring secure user sessions

7. Social Network Integrations:


Cookies may enable you to share pages with social networks like Facebook (if available).



8. Information Sharing:


We do not share any personal information collected through cookies with third parties.



9. Conclusion:


By using our website, you consent to the use of cookies as outlined in this policy. For more information or assistance, please refer to your browser settings.



For further details, please review our full Privacy Policy.